This is the shed that Tim and Jennifer built

Ain't it pretty.


Here's how we did it:

First you need a good foundation:

JenHammerFloor1.jpg (96732 bytes) I love a woman in a tool belt.

Framing is fun, and ever so manly:

TimFraming4.jpg (90656 bytes)  TimFraming3.jpg (84506 bytes)

"Manly, yes, but I like it too."

JenFraming1.jpg (90412 bytes)  JenHangFraming1.jpg (92195 bytes)

Dad didn't think I could do the rafters myself:

TimPlaceRafter1.jpg (100777 bytes)   but I had no doubts.  TimEyesRafters1.jpg (68756 bytes)

Ever notice how all construction workers have a beer gut:

TimGut1.jpg (85486 bytes)

It  was a little wobbly before we got the siding on:

TimFramingSurf1.jpg (114120 bytes)

But by this point, even Gretchen trusts it:

PartialSiding1.jpg (74206 bytes)

You wouldn't know Jennifer is afraid of heights:

JenRoof1.jpg (99012 bytes)

Compared to asphalt shingles, a metal roof is quick and easy:

TimMetalRoof1.jpg (80089 bytes)

Nearing the end, building the shelves inside was pure joy:
TimPoseShelf1.jpg (63023 bytes)  TimOnShelf1.jpg (67209 bytes)  TimSpreadEagle1.jpg (54814 bytes)  JenOnShelf1.jpg (137329 bytes)

Electricity, light, ceiling fan;  stick a fork in it, it's done:

FanWiring1.jpg (67079 bytes)

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