Picture from PG04

As we sailed, we caught some scenes around Key West.  The water is pretty, eh?

NAWC 38, the ship that inspired the term "spic and span" (NOT!)

One of our stowaway, a cute little barn swallow.  He was later eaten by one of our other stowaways, a peregrine falcon.

We got some great sunsets at sea.

Would you believe video? (6 MB streaming, Real Player Free required)

Back on land after two weeks of hard work at sea, we were ready for some serious fun.  Tim and Tim know how to have fun.  How?  Scooters!

Chick magnets!

Let's cruise!


The southern most point in the continental U.S.

This was our best scooter stop, code named "2-4-2".  Tim, can you tell what's missing from this picture?

Here's a hint.


posted 20 May 2004 by Tim Scoggins