Friends Rob (Kiwi) and Becky (Texan) McEwen own a B&B in Taupo, on the north end of Lake Taupo, a 20 mile diameter volcanic crater lake in the middle of the north island.  The eruption that blew this 20 mile crater may be the greatest volcanic eruption ever.

The entire 20 mile diameter lake drains through one narrow shoot at Huka Falls:

HukaFalls.jpg (70149 bytes) Its only about 100 feet wide.

Upstream from the falls is a nice hike along the river.

You know how at Six Flags and Disney World the fake streams are filled with water dyed an unreal color of green.  Well, in New Zealand the real streams are really that color.

 HukaWalkGreenWater.jpg (106957 bytes) HukaWalkGreenWater2.jpg (80646 bytes)

Taupo TauharaSunriseLodgeFront.jpg (66582 bytes) This is Rob and Becky's B&B,

TaupoTauharaSunriseView1.jpg (68799 bytes) and this was view from our room.

Taupo 3 of us.jpg (46811 bytes) Jennifer, Becky and Tim.

Taupo J&T @ R&B's.jpg (55347 bytes) Here are Jennifer and I modeling the merino wool/possum fur sweaters we bought down there.  Possums are a big problem in New Zealand, so trapping, killing and skinning them for garments is the environmental thing to do.

TaupoRobTimTowel.jpg (50028 bytes) Here is a special message to Mike Holman and David Gibbs from Rob:  "If you want a chance to win back The Black Towel, come and get it."

Oh, by the way, we saw this near Hamilton, between Auckland and Taupo:

HamiltonCookiePlane.jpg (64641 bytes) It's a DC-3... and a restaurant... and obviously, a billboard.