We continued up the coast from Dunedin on the way to Christchurch.  Along the way, with no particular stops in mind, we saw a sign that said "Moeraki Boulders."  It looked like a quick and easy detour, so we stopped.  The Moeraki Boulders turned out to be one of the strangest things I've ever seen.  They are rocks, 6 feet in diameter, most of them perfectly spherical.

MoerakiBoulders.jpg (51853 bytes) MoerakiExploded.jpg (63136 bytes) MoerakiBouldersJJJ.jpg (108135 bytes)

How there were formed is not well understood, but some sort of accretion process is hypothesized, like a pearl.  My theory is that this is where god lost his marbles.

Christchurch is one of the larger cities, and renowned to be fairly conservative, but Jennifer and I liked it.  By this time we had thoroughly indulged in the natural beauty of New Zealand, and were ready for a change of pace.  We bought gifts for friends and family (and ourselves.)  We rode the streetcar and walked through Hagley Park, a big beautiful botanical garden in the center of town.

ChristchurshBigTreeJJJ.jpg (62160 bytes)

One of the many golf courses I didn't play was in Hagley Park.  Being in downtown Christchurch, it was one of the more expensive.  Green fees were $6.50 US.

ChristchurchGolfersBeware.jpg (92115 bytes)

This was the scene in town square.  The guy in the red jacket was beating all challengers throughout the day.

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