Our Laundry Room Remodel 2005

The 'before' pictures:

Like me, you're probably thinking, "Is there something wrong with the laundry room?"

The demolition - it's the part our neighbors really love.

I'm also scouting the new location for the water heater.

During demolition, we discovered just a bit of termite damage:

  This was the bottom of the post that was supposedly holding up this corner of the house.

Framing is fun; even girls like it.

Can you guess from Jennifer's attire that this took longer than expected?

Yeah, what this corner needs is another piece of wood.

Here is friend Jeff "The Buzzsaw" helping install the new water heater.

All that nice building paper had to be re-done after a hail storm.

Now the finish out.  The red was was my idea.  Jennifer was not so sure.

OK, the ceiling was a bit much.

Posing for 'Rugged Construction Guy Magazine':

Clowning for "Computer Nerd Screws Up the Wiring Magazine":

Done.  Done.  All Done.

The water heater's new home has been dubbed "The WC".

posted 23 August 2005 by Tim Scoggins