A few pictures from our trip to Idaho.

Day 1 we flew into Boise, drove up to McCall, and checked into

Jan and Karl Focke's Cabin

Cabin1.jpg (79779 bytes)

We even managed to squeeze in nine holes of golf before sundown.


Day 2 we hiked to

20 Mile Lakes

JenBridge1.jpg (49560 bytes) TimHead20MileLake.jpg (91120 bytes) 20MileLake1.jpg (99865 bytes) JenWade1.jpg (64501 bytes) ReVegStream1.jpg (56274 bytes)

on 20 Mile Trail.  It was actually only 6 miles in and 6 miles out,

but it felt like 20.

TireTim.jpg (88421 bytes)


Day 3 we hiked to

 Loon Lake,

LoonLakeScenic1.jpg (65707 bytes) TimStick1.jpg (67087 bytes) BacklitTreesByJen.jpg (53903 bytes) JenGoldValley1.jpg (89212 bytes)

the site of a B-23 bomber crash in 1943. (Here is the story)

Pretty cool.

B23Back2Front1.jpg (85949 bytes) B23Inside1.jpg (72978 bytes) B23JenTail.jpg (101817 bytes) B23WingLakeTim1.jpg (90203 bytes)


Day 4 we cruised

 TheCar.jpg (55702 bytes) TimTopDown.jpg (49101 bytes) JenRearView.jpg (47025 bytes) RedTrain1.jpg (57394 bytes) CattleDriveCrop1.jpg (41806 bytes)


Oh, and this was on first role of film

GolfArnoldJenPhil1.jpg (64361 bytes)