Here are some pictures I took at "The Cave Without a Name", near Boerne, Texas.  Many were taken hand-held in ambient light.

BigStag1.jpg (96094 bytes) BigStag2.jpg (113330 bytes) Pomegranate1.jpg (83260 bytes) WhiteFlow1.jpg (79867 bytes) Drapery1.jpg (698482 bytes)

These 'white grapes' are unique to Cave Without a Name:

WhiteGrapes1.jpg (115220 bytes)

Evidence of a collapse:

Collapse1.jpg (105983 bytes) 

I thought these terraced pools were especially cool:

Pools1.jpg (101978 bytes) Pools2.jpg (111377 bytes) Pools3.jpg (97797 bytes)

BigRoom1.jpg (105994 bytes)

Adam Miller, our guide and the son of Jennifer and Bonny's cousin Sylvia:

AdamJenBonny.jpg (171469 bytes)


published 16 November 2003 by Tim Scoggins