CAMN Class of 2003

Unofficial Motto:  "We are the class."

Elevated in back:  Tammy Jarocki*, Cathy Nordstrom*, Melanie Thompson*, Eyvonne Williams

Back row:  Stacey Phiscator, Rollo Newsom*, Jennifer Lueckemeyer, Warren Imhof, John West*, Tim Scoggins*, Keelin Schaffrath*, Jack Smith*

Middle row:  Theresa Bayoud*, Somer Wilkerson, Roger Myers*, Al Kirchner*, Margaret Hill*, Karol de Vries*, Mary Anne Wooley*, Nancy Wooley*

Front row:  Eric Koehler*, Florence Wong*, Helen Snook*, Ann Clift*, Amy Trost (now Masey)*, Carmen Keithly*

No shown:  Marianna Hobbs*, Mark Keithly*, Chris Masey*

*First Year Certified


published 13 March 2004 by Tim Scoggins