Infrastructure Improvements at BCHP

We continued work on the South Field Tree Irrigation project this Sunday at Barton Creek Habitat Preserve.  Preserve manager Nurani Hogue was on hand to tell us about the multitude of infrastructure improvements and restoration projects he is doing, directing and planning.  It's a huge job, and the man needs help.

NuraniWild.jpg (216080 bytes) So volunteer!

Before Nurani arrived, I was starting to get frustrated, working in the hot sun, getting confused by the GPS chart, trying to make sense of tree locations and plan the pipe laydown.  He recommended we shift gears and work on one of the other infrastructure improvements - the rope swing at the swimming hole.

So, while the rest of us went for a swim, Nurani, in his usual get-it-done manner went to work on the rope swing.

SwingConstruction1.jpg (225201 bytes) Yes, that's Nurani 25 feet up in the tree.

NuraniTreeRope2.jpg (169964 bytes) And that's him still up there nearly an hour later.

But the man knows how to get a job done.  Here, he and Mark Keithly are just about ready to try it out.

NuraniReadyToTry.jpg (185861 bytes)


NuraniSwing1.jpg (150938 bytes)


MarkSwing1.jpg (173403 bytes)


KeelinSwing1.jpg (139056 bytes) (Keelin Schaffrath)


CarmenSwing1.jpg (169101 bytes) Carmenswing2.jpg (187879 bytes) CarminSwing3.jpg (125605 bytes) (Carmen Keithly)

(Update:  Nurani Hogue moved to China (!).  The new land steward, also a terrific guy, is Matt Fagan)

updated 1 January 2005 by Tim Scoggins