Here are the questions we asked Dad earlier that Mom had to match while "on stage:"

Question Dad's Answer Mom's Answer
Where was Arnold born? Keota, OK Keota, OK
How old was Arnold the last time he road a horse 17 15
Where did you meet? USO in Lawton USO in Lawton
In 1953, what was Arnold's favorite song? "Too Young" A waltz
How long did you date before you got married? 6 months 6 months
Did Johnnie's father John approve you as a husband? I didn't ask him. Yes
What was the first car you bought together? Eight year old 1950 Pontiac with a/c under the dash Pontiac
Who was best man and maid of honor at your wedding? Dewey, Marie (?) Dewey, Marless
What time of day was Tim born? 9 pm 6 am
Who got the most spankings, Tim or Phil? Phil Tim
What was the best place you ever lived? 3001 Choctaw Tr., Fort Worth, TX Where we are now
What year did you move to Texas? 1960 1958
What was the worst vacation the two of you ever had? Houston to Lawton, 1963.  A hole in the radiator and a water pump failure in the Pontiac The first time we went to Lake Texoma.
What year did Arnold go into real estate? 1971 1980
Who is the worst packrat? Arnold Arnold
What is Arnold's favorite food? Anything that fits on a fork or a spoon Anything
What is Arnold's favorite TV show? "It's a Wonderful Life" Football

And here are the ones Dad had to try and match "on stage:"

Question Mom's Answer Dad's Answer
Where was Johnnie born? Lawton, OK Elgin, OK [it's near Lawton]
How many siblings does Johnnie have? 4 (Marie, and half sisters Alice, Ruth and Gertrud) 4
Where did the two of you go on your first official date? USO A drive
In 1953, what was Johnnie's favorite song? "In the Mood" "Sentimental Journey"
Where did Arnold propose? One night when we were dating, he gave me a ring. Did I propose?
Did Arnold's mother approve of Johnnie? Yes Yes
Where did you go on your honeymoon? Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
How did Johnnie break the news that she was pregnant? I'm pregnant. She came back from the doctor and said she was pregnant.
What time of day was Phil born? 5:00 am 6:00 am
Who gave the most spankings? Johnnie Johnnie
What was the worst place the two of you ever lived? Cameron College Student Housing The apartment at OU
What was the name of the hurricane you survived in Houston? Carla Carla
What was the best vacation the two of you ever had? Lakeway Golf in San Antonio
What year did Johnnie start teaching? 1981 1983
Who's the better driver? Arnold Arnold
What is Johnnie's favorite pastime? Painting Going out to eat
What is Johnnie's shoe size? 6.5 6.5